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Taiwan Railway to Hualien

For my two week winter vacation, I got a little ambitious and decided to visit three countries.  It took a lot of planning, a dose of frustration, and it was all worth it because I had a fantastic trip.  I … Continue reading

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2016 Reflections

Happy New Year!  2016 was an even busier year for me than 2015 and I thought 2015 was pretty intense. I got to go home and visit my family for a few weeks in February and go on vacation with … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2016!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  I enjoyed a Christmas party, I had presents under my mini tree, and I ordered Chinese food for dinner, so I managed to fit in all the Christmas traditions. Christmas in Korea isn’t the … Continue reading

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Gyeongju at night

The city of Gyeongju itself is not all that large, making it easy for me to walk from one end of town to the other.  One of the city’s biggest attractions are the burial mounds of Silla Dynasty royalty.  Many … Continue reading

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The temples of Gyeongju

I probably could have spent a week in Gyeongju and still not seen every temple, museum, or palace in the city.  Looking at a tourism map of Gyeongju made my head spin, there were countless places to see.  When it … Continue reading

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quick trip to Jeonju

Jeonju is only an hour away by bus from Cheonan but I still never managed to visit until this year.  According to my co-workers, it used to be a quiet place to enjoy a day trip looking at old hanoks … Continue reading

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My Mom’s trip to South Korea

After living in South Korea for almost two years, I finally had my first visitor!  My mom came to see me for 10 days! We got to take a bus tour around Seoul and do some exploring in Cheonan.  I … Continue reading

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