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Hongdae heat wave

Korea got hot!  It seems likes someone snapped their fingers and spring was over.  It creeped up to almost 90 degrees fahrenheit.  I decided to go out anyway but I prepared myself with extra sunscreen and water. Hongdae is the … Continue reading

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Buddha’s Birthday: One Day Late

In case you missed the memo, Buddha’s birthday was celebrated in Korea on May 14th.  I was late to the party because I didn’t go to a temple until the next day, oops.  I also went while it was raining.  … Continue reading

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What I loved on my Hong Kong trip

I flew into Hong Kong on a misty January morning.  I was excited to be away from the frigid temperatures in Cheonan.  I decided to take a double decker bus into the city.  I don’t usually find myself overwhelmed when … Continue reading

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Forests in Seoul?

Seoul is a dense city.  There’s about ten million people all packed into apartment blocks and cramped little studios.  You would think there would be no room for greenery, but apparently they decided to put a whole forest in the … Continue reading

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