Buddha’s Birthday: One Day Late

In case you missed the memo, Buddha’s birthday was celebrated in Korea on May 14th.  I was late to the party because I didn’t go to a temple until the next day, oops.  I also went while it was raining.  Clearly I don’t pick the best days for adventures.

On the bright side, the rainy day after the major holiday meant there were hardly any people at Bongeunsa temple and I could enjoy the area in relative silence.  The temple is right in the middle of Gangnam and also across the street from the enormous Coex Mall.  I wonder how the monks feel about being surrounded by constant commercialism.

Buddhist temples all across Korea have lantern festivals to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.  I didn’t get to see any of them lit up in the dark but they were still fun to look at.



the many lanterns

the many lanterns

penguin lantern

penguin lantern

panda lantern

panda lantern





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