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Boseong: Green Tea Everything!

I like tea.  I like tea flavored with a ton of sugar and milk, especially if it is delicious milk tea from a Taiwanese 7/11.  Koreans love green tea, and while it is too strong for me by itself, I … Continue reading

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A Korean Wedding and Student Art

As far as Korean cities go, Cheonan is not exactly famous.  People know it is home to Independence Hall and walnut cookies but it is probably most famous for the world dance festival. Every year during a weekend in October, … Continue reading

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Japan Rail Pass Review

Japan has a reputation of being expensive.  I disagree with that idea for the most part.  You can eat locally and visit plenty of sights without spending much money.  But transportation in Japan, especially bullet train travel, will cost you … Continue reading

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Beitou: A Lovely Taipei Suburb

It’s probably the mild weather, but it seemed to me that Taiwanese people like to chill.  I saw a lot of people taking their time when walking around, hanging out in parks, or relaxing in a coffee shop.  Many people … Continue reading

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Bao’an Temple in Taipei

Taipei has advertisements for Longshan Temple and Shandao Temple but I found some websites that said Bao’an Temple was even better and had a lot less tourists.  I only visited Bao’an so I can’t compare it to other temples, but … Continue reading

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Food in Taiwan

First, I have a shameful confession.  I did not go to a Taiwanese night market.  It rained everyday on my short trip to Taiwan and I did not venture out in the evening after being in the rain all day.  … Continue reading

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