Boseong: Green Tea Everything!

I like tea.  I like tea flavored with a ton of sugar and milk, especially if it is delicious milk tea from a Taiwanese 7/11.  Koreans love green tea, and while it is too strong for me by itself, I will gladly drink it in latte form.

I went to see the most famous Korean green tea location.  Tourists flock to the Boseong green tea fields to take selfies, buy some green tea, and relax in beautiful surroundings.

The main downside to Boseong is the fact it’s a long ways away from Cheonan.  It is a 2 and a half hour bus ride to Gwangju from Cheonan.  Once you get to Gwangju, it’s another 1 and a half hour bus trip to the town of Boseong.  I spent the night in Gwangju and went to Boseong in the morning to split up the trip.

I had noodle soup with delicious, fresh mussels in Boseong.  It’s a small town so I just chose the first restaurant I saw and it was a great decision.

I would go back to Boseong just for this soup

I would go back to Boseong just for this soup

I also saw the restaurant owner at the convenience store later that day and we spoke for a little bit.  Small town life.

From the Boseong bus terminal, you can take a taxi or a short bus ride on a local bus to the tea fields.  Or if you are feeling like more exercise, you could walk.

Before you arrive at the actual fields, you walk through a lovely forest.  Entrance to the park was 4,000 won.



I stopped in my tracks when I saw the field of green tea.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures just how tall the hills were.




There a few cafes and little shops selling green tea, green tea lattes, green tea milkshakes, green tea ice cream, green tea cookies, green tea crackers, green tea jellies, green tea teapot sets, green tea chips, green tea skin moisturizers, green tea cake, and almost anything you can think of containing green tea.

green tea milk shake

green tea milk shake

mini bamboo forest

mini bamboo forest

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