A Korean Wedding and Student Art

As far as Korean cities go, Cheonan is not exactly famous.  People know it is home to Independence Hall and walnut cookies but it is probably most famous for the world dance festival.

Every year during a weekend in October, dance teams come to Cheonan to perform.  This year, however, it was raining throughout the day and I didn’t stay out in the cold to watch all the dancers.

But I did see my friends get married.

For the past few years,  married couples in the teacher program can participate in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.  Since they are already married, it isn’t a legal ceremony but a chance to experience some culture and try on Korean clothes.

I went and fortunately it didn’t start pouring down rain until after the ceremony was over.


the already married couple


A few dozen elderly Koreans with their giant cameras were clicking away for the entire ceremony.

Someone read the points of ceremony in Korean while someone else translated it into English.  The microphone wasn’t working too well though, so I couldn’t hear.  There was a lot of bowing, sitting, standing, and “wine” drinking.  The couple told me it was just water.

Not everyone gets married in a traditional Korean ceremony.  Nowadays people prefer getting married in churches, wedding halls, or hotels.

The best part was the food after the wedding was over.



beef! mushrooms!

The trees are changing color here, and while that makes me happy, I know winter is coming soon.  I’m not looking forward to wearing my coat all day while I’m at school.

Speaking of school, I wanted to brag on my students.  My classroom is by the art room so I can see all their beautiful creations.




Happy Fall! Enjoy it while it is here!


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