quick trip to Jeonju

Jeonju is only an hour away by bus from Cheonan but I still never managed to visit until this year.  According to my co-workers, it used to be a quiet place to enjoy a day trip looking at old hanoks (traditional Korean houses) and sitting in cafes.  They said in more recent years it’s been crowded with people wanting to take selfies while dressing up in Korean traditional clothing.

It was certainly crowded, partly because I chose to go on a Sunday, and just about everybody was indeed taking selfies.  Most of the hanoks have been turned into cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and clothing boutiques.  It wasn’t a museum or a recreation of Korea in years past.

I thought it was a pretty place to look at, especially from the top of the hill next to the hanok village but I also underestimated how hot and humid it was going to be.  I figured it would have the same weather as Cheonan, after all it’s only an hour away.  Cheonan had cooled down and started to feel like Fall but Jeonju felt like a jungle.

I also wore long black pants and didn’t bring any shorts.  It was a bad idea.



the police mascot wearing traditional Korean clothing

the police mascot wearing traditional Korean clothing


hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) for rent

hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) for rent


going up the hill...

going up the hill…

...for a great view

…for a great view

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and next time I’ll check the weather before I go.

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