Hello from Thailand

I promise I have a good reason why I haven’t updated my blog in a thousand years.  I moved to Bangkok, Thailand to work at a local secondary school!

I’ve actually been here for a month already, but I’ve been swamped with figuring out lesson plans, finding an apartment, navigating the buses, and trying all kinds of wonderful food.

I don’t know what this is called…all I can say is it was spicy and delicious!

Noodles and Thai milk tea at a food court

Erawan Shrine, it is very close to Central World Mall

I’ve gotten to visit a few shopping centers.  Central World Mall is enormous and reminds me of an American shopping center, only with very different food court options (less hot dogs and hamburgers and more rice and curry).  Chatuchak Market is an endless sea of humanity, Thai souvenirs, cheap clothing, and tasty snacks.  Don’t go in the afternoon if you can’t stand the heat.

Central World Mall

Chatuchak Market

Everyone smiles when I make eye contact with them.  That didn’t happen often in Korea, and it’s not that Korean people are rude, you just don’t tend to look at other people when you walk through the streets of Seoul or Cheonan.  Bangkok feels more like the Midwest to me in that sense.

All of the food has been amazingly delicious.  It’s criminal that food can taste so good and be so cheap, that shouldn’t be possible.

There are motorbike taxis.  They have their license number on the back of their orange vests.  It’s a lot harder for them to get stuck in traffic as they can zoom around cars and buses.  I’ve seen some passengers decline to wear helmets, making me nervous for them whenever I see one pass.  I feel like this would never fly in America.

I’ve seen many Buddhist monks out in the morning collecting alms in my neighborhood.  It’s been nice to start the day seeing something simple and positive on my way to the bus stop.

I can’t wait to post more, but it might not be very often yet.  Bear with me while I get adjusted to a new country =D

Victory Monument during slow traffic, it’s nuts during rush hour

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