Preparing for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Korean companies have made sure to bring out Christmas deals and specials to keep people shopping all December.  It’s not on the scale of American shopping malls, but more and more Koreans are getting into buying Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, and telling stories about characters like Santa.

Even though Christmas is becoming more popular, it is not the major family holiday, even for Korean Christians.  People take off work and travel to their hometowns with their families during the Lunar New Year.

From what my co-teachers tell me, Christmas is more of a couple holiday in Korea, almost like Valentine’s Day.  For young families, if the parents get off work, Christmas is a day to stay home and relax or maybe see a movie.

the Christmas tree at school

the Christmas tree at school



I bought a Christmas tree to make my apartment look a little more festive.


I hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

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