Daecheon Beach

When you think of Korea, you probably don’t think of beaches.  I don’t see a lot of movies featuring crazy Korean beach parties or beautiful ocean montages.

But I’m from Missouri, so I’m easily impressed with any beach.  That probably wouldn’t be the case if I was from Hawaii or Florida.

I had a few days off in the middle of the week and I didn’t use nearly as much money as I thought I would in Japan, so I booked a fancy smancy hotel by the beach in Daecheon.

Daecheon beach is in the city of Boryeong.  You can take a bus, but the train doesn’t take as long.  Once you arrive at Daecheon station, you can take a local bus to the beach.

I like hostels but it is nice to have your own big bed and tv with room service every once in a while.  I still have the financial mindset of a college student most of the time, so this splurge won’t happen often.

I hung out by the beach, had some tasty waffles, seafood pasta, and watched a harry potter marathon.  The water was nice, the beach wasn’t crowded, and the hotel was great.  Why can’t everyone hang out on the beach every day?

nice hotel...

nice hotel…

...with an amazing view!

…with an amazing view!

seafood pasta, with the obligatory side of pickles

seafood pasta, with the obligatory side of pickles







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