Impromptu Teacher Lunch

“No one tells me anything.”

This is a common complaint I hear from my fellow American teachers.  When important news goes around, people often forget to tell the foreign teacher.  They aren’t told about an important meeting until the last minute or maybe they miss a teacher trip because no one let them know.  It usually isn’t malicious, and it isn’t the Korean teachers’ fault that the foreign teacher can’t read the messages on the school messaging app.

I’ve been lucky to be kept in the loop for most of the school events, but today I was informed all the English teaching staff was going to lunch about five minutes before we were all supposed to leave.

I don’t mind when a tasty lunch is sprung on me.


We had samgyetang, which is a slow stewed chicken cooked in a broth of rice and a variety of vegetables.

More surprise restaurant trips please!

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