How many snowmen can you find in July?

I ventured out to Nami island last weekend.  It is a little island in the middle of Bukhan river, a tributary of the Han river.

Besides being a beautiful picture background, the island’s big claim to fame is being a shooting location for the incredibly popular Korean drama Winter Sonata.  They have signs throughout the island pointing out where scenes were filmed.

The island also has an adorable snowman to be its mascot.  You can buy snowman cookies, ice creams, salt shakers, mugs, and just about anything else you can cover with printed picture of a snowman.

isn't it cute?

isn’t it cute?

family of snowmen

family of snowmen

They had several snowmen in traditional dress of different countries.



a secret snowman

a secret snowman

some Thai snowmen

some Thai snowmen


The Winter Sonata cafe

They aren’t the most appropriate mascot for the summer season but they’re so cute, they can get away with it.

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