Cheonggye Stream in Spring

I’ve been to the Cheonggye stream before, but that was in March and none of the trees or flowers were in bloom.  The area around the stream is much prettier in May.


You can get to the stream from several places, but the main entrance is at Euljiro-3-ga station.  From that station, you can walk down a path into the stream, but several points have stairs right next to the busy Seoul streets.


You can take your time to look at the fish, birds, frogs, and various other creatures hanging out in the water.  You are also guaranteed to see at least ten couples taking selfies if you visit on the weekend.

Some sections also feature artwork painted on the walls next to the stream.  If you go during the day when the weather is nice, sometimes you can find artists painting portraits for people walking along the paths.




It was strange to be in the center of high-rise apartment buildings and noisy traffic and hear nothing.  Sometimes we all need some peace and quiet.


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