The islands of Hong Kong

I brought out my Hong Kong food pictures already, but I didn’t spend all my time eating Chinese food while I was there.  Hong Kong is made up of several islands, and many of them are accessible by cheap ferry rides.

First, I went to Lantau Island.  You can get there by ferry, but I actually took the metro.  The island’s major attraction of the last few years has been Hong Kong Disney Land.  I skipped Mickey Mouse and saw the giant Buddha instead.

There was a rest stop/amusement park type of area next to the Buddha statue.  It had t-shirt stores, a photo taking area with Hello Kitty, and a Starbucks.  Apparently not even a religious site in the quiet mountains can entice tourists without the allure of brand name coffee.



on the way to the big Buddha...

on the way to the big Buddha…

I've spotted it!

I’ve spotted it!

There it is!

There it is!

The Po Lin Monastery is a short walk away.






I also went to Lamma Island.  It’s a quick 30 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong Island.


the ferry harbor on Hong Kong Island

Lamma Island is a lovely getaway from the city.  A lot of the houses I saw on the island seemed abandoned.  I don’t if many people live there, other than the restaurant workers.  Fittingly, all the restaurants are seafood joints.

you can see the city in the distance

you can see the city in the distance






There’s a couple of beaches you can visit when the weather is nicer.  Or you can do what I did and walk around taking pictures of the killer views.

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