Happy Pepero Day!

Pepero Day is not an important national holiday commemorating an historic event.  It’s a commercial holiday where someone in the marketing department had the brilliant idea of making a holiday out of a product, meaning people will go out and buy a million boxes of pepero to give to their friends and family.

Pepero are little stick cookies usually dipped in chocolate.  They also have strawberry, almond, oreo, and many more flavors I don’t know about.


Students came up to me all day, giving me pepero.  Even though I don’t like chocolate, I didn’t want to hurt their feelings and reject them while they were smiling so happily at me.  Pepero are also great for bribes.

“Are you eating in class?”

“No teacher, this is for you.” Student hands me a pepero.

“Thank you, now put the pepero away.”

This scenario happened more than once.


Pepero Day is always November 11th because two pepero sticks look the number 11.  Have a happy Pepero Day!

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