The Train to Gifu

I was surprised to see how long the train would take from Nagoya to Takayama in Gifu prefecture.  It wasn’t a great distance, unlike Tokyo to Osaka.  But as we started to pull away from Nagoya station and got closer to a hill, I could see why a train should probably go slow.

The tracks wind through small towns carved into the sides of the mountains.  This is not a place for bullet trains.  The trains teeter along and make few stops.  The ride is slow enough to allow passengers time to enjoy the gorgeous views.

The area is less developed compared to metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka.  I didn’t see any construction cranes or giant shopping malls.  I did see people fishing in the river and walking to the gas station.

It must be quite a trek to get to the nearest large city for the people who live here.  But I would imagine the views are well worth the inconvenience.





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