Korea has no shortage of tasty food

I have a feeling I’m going to be one lame food blogger.

As soon as the food gets placed in front of me I think “I should take a picture of that, someone might think it’s interesting”.  And then I’m 3/4 into the food and I realize it’s too late for a picture.

Kimbap Nara and Kimbap Chungook are everywhere.  The closest analogy I can think of is they remind me of American diners.  Pretty standard fast food at each restaurant and really cheap.  It’s classic and simple Korean food.  But so far all the ones I have visited have been clean and you get good portion sizes for the price.

And most importantly, they serve all kinds of Kimbap.


$1.50 deliciousness

Kimbap is rice wrapped in seaweed with a variety of fillings.  The most popular one has egg, radish, spinach, carrot, and ham.  Then it gets a spread of sesame oil and sesame seeds.

You can get kimbap with tuna, donkasu (pork cutlet), cheese, kimchi, and whatever else the kimbap lady comes up with.

So far, donkasu, dwenjang jigae (soybean paste soup), and duk mandu guk (rice cake and dumpling soup), have been my favorites.

kimbap nara side dishes

side dishes at Kimbap Nara, kimchi, radish, fish cakes, and little sausages


kimbap nara omurice


I haven’t gotten sick of rice…yet.  Maybe I can handle rice once a day, I don’t know about every meal.


roast chicken and rice

I also tried Indian food for the first time.  I have nothing to compare it to if I wanted to judge its authenticity, but I liked it.  And the piece of bread was enormous!  It was more like naan bread with a side of chicken tikka masala.

indian food mount fishtail

I’ll try to get more food pictures, but good food is awfully distracting.




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1 Response to Korea has no shortage of tasty food

  1. They sure do like their rice, but as this goes to show, there is so much you can make with it! I’m sure you will be the most marvellous food blogger!


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