Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is having a happy new year!  Today is Seollal or the lunar new year, and this year is the year of the goat, or sheep if you prefer.

Basically everyone goes home to see their families and eat all the food they can.  It reminds me of Thanksgiving with everyone just hanging out and eating more food than they would like to admit.

For many Koreans, Seollal is also a time to pay respects to their ancestors.  But while I am sitting in a coffee shop writing this, I’m seeing a lot of Koreans that seem more about the lattes and wifi than the ancestor bonding time.  Or maybe they just needed a break from all the hectic family members at their house and wanted some caffeine.  It’s okay everyone, I understand.

I was told that almost all businesses would be shut down, but since I live in a downtown area, a lot of stores are still open.  There is a family restaurant next to my apartment building that has been open all day.  Burger King is open, the convenience stores are open, and the Kimbap Nara near my building is open.  But Subway is closed which is a bummer because I was hoping for a celebratory New Year’s Subway sandwich.

Oh well, I should be grateful there is a sandwich place near me.

Happy Year of the Goat/Sheep!

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1 Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    As long as Burger King is open, you’re good!


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